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Horseback Riding, Horses for Sale, Horsemanship - Vineyard Eventing

Mission Statement:

"Providing the opportunity to create a lifelong partnership between you and your horse."

Dana and Worthy Opponent

Dana and Worthy Opponent

Vineyard Eventing is a fun, high energy community of equine enthusiasts who enjoy riding and competing horses at all levels of 3-Day Eventing, Dressage, and Jumpers. We specialize in green, problem, and unbroke horses. We pride ourselves on our ability to turn around these problem horses and bring along green horses to become successful competitors.

Vineyard Eventing invites people of all ages and riding levels to join our "group"! We are dedicated to creating a positive competitive atmosphere with a good attitude and a strong emphasis on team spirit. We are all about having fun with our horses in a safe environment. A happy horse and happy rider are the main components of this great experience!

In Memoriam

We love you Kelci! You will always be a part of our Vineyard Eventing Group. We will always hold you in our hearts.

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