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Worthy Opponent


March 1, 2009

Worthy Opponent and Dana bring home a second place in Archie's second outting at Training!

Archie once again amazes us! He finished in second place in his second outting at Training Level at Twin Rivers in Paso Robles! Fishing once again on his Dressage score, he added no penalties in either jumping phase, going double clear both Cross Country and Stadium! Can this horse jump or what?!?! On top of numerous 7's and 8's on his Dressage Test, he scored an "8" on submission, which is amazing for any horse, much less a 5 year old stallion. He is so easy at shows, just a fantastic campaigner who is developing quite a following of admirers at the events!

February 13-15, 2009

Worthy Opponent wins his first outting at Training Level Eventing at Ram Tap!!!

In true and usual fashion, Archie pulls it out once again! Amazing us with his first outting at Training Level, he scored a 29 on his Dressage and finished the event on his Dressage score going double clear on both Cross Country and Stadium Jumping! An amazing first outting when moving up a level!

May 25, 2008

Worthy Opponent and Dana win Archie's first outting at Novice!

Worthy Opponent showed his amazing ability to be that all around stallion yet again by winning his first recognized competition at Novice! Archie was in first place after Dressage at the Spring Woodside Event at the Horse Park in Woodside CA, and held his placing all the way through the end, adding no jump or time faults to his Dressage score! Way to go Archie! Bringing home the blue first time out!!!

November 12, 2007

Worthy Opponent is the Reserve Champion of the 2007 100-Day Test!!!

His amazing temperament and character REALLY showed through in this testing, helping to thrust him into the second spot. “Archie” (as his friends and family call him) received “9’s” on Character, Temperament, Ability to work, General jumping aptitude and his canter. He is a Dressage bred stallion, yet he received the 2nd highest jumping index in the test! And that was without getting to do his STRONGEST phase of the test, the cross country course. A bit of heat and swelling in one of his tendons the night before the cross country course, caused the vet and myself to opt to pull him out prior to cross country. It was an AGONIZING decision to have to make as I know that is his strongest phase, and he was likely to score 9’s or 10’s on both the canter and jumping. Unfortunately that hurt his final jumping index as he might have been the highest jumping index if he had those scores to go on!

November 12, 2007

Worthy Opponent is the High Scoring Hanoverian Stallion at the 2007 100-Day Test!

Worthy Opponent is Awarded the High Point Hanoverian Stallion Cooler for his amazing finish in the 2007 100-Day Test! Doug Leatherdale and Hugh Bellis-Jones presented Dana and Archie with the coveted cooler! This cooler is now Dana's new comforter for her guest bed!

July 26, 2007

Worthy Opponent is awarded Site Champion at the 2007 West Coast Hanoverian Stallion Licensing!

Archie was the highest scoring and only stallion approved at the 2007 West Coast Stallion Licensing held in July at the beautiful Starr Vaghn Equestrian Center in Elk Grove, CA. Archie once again WOWed the judges with his AMAZING jumping ability and quiet temperament.

June 2007

Worthy Opponent is the Site Champion at the June 2007 Oldenburg Stallion Inspection!!!

Worthy Opponent starts out his stallion career with a WOW at the 2007 West Coast Oldenburg Stallion Inspection site! Worthy Opponent was awarded Site Champion with the highest overall score out of 8 stallions presented. Worthy Opponent was also the highest scoring stallion over fences at this site and second highest in the nation! It will be on to the 100-Day Test for Worthy Opponent and Vineyard Eventing!