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Worthy Opponent

Archie and Dana jumping the brush at Twin Rivers

Archie and Dana winning 3rd at Shepherd Ranch in the Prelim division!

Archie winning the Prelim division at Woodside! HUGE table!

Archie and Dana in Stadium at Twin Rivers

Worthy Opponent and Stef jump 5'3"!!!! Dressage bred? Can you say JUMPER???

Archie and Stef competing at their first Prelim in June 2009 at Shepherd Ranch!

Stef and Archie schooling the Advanced water at Woodside getting ready for Prelim.

Archie and his gaggle of girls. Site champion at the 2007 Hanoverian Inspection!!

Archie and Dana at Ranchos De Los Amigos in fine jumping form in Stadium!

Ranchos De Los Amigos, 2nd Level debut!

They got great scores in the high 60%s

Archie has such elastic gaits and huge stride!

Beautiful free jumping form. He scored a "9" for Jumping at the 100-Day Test!

All 4 off the ground! Archie's typical extension with excellent possitive DAP

Archie is the High Scoring Hanoverian Stallion! Cooler presented by Hugh Bellis-Jones and Doug Leatherdale of the American Hanoverian Society

Archie makes 4'6" look EASY at the 2007 Hanoverian Inspection where he was site champ!

Archie and Dana at October Woodside in fine jumping form in Stadium!

Archie and Dana! No, I don't love this horse at all! And he doesn't love me!

An example of Archie's amzing temperament! Tuzuk, one of Dana's young students, and Archie!

Lisa, Archie's fearless breeding manager, takes a fun test drive for the first time on Archie!

Archie schooling Cross Country. Over the Prelim water...

Down the Prelim drop into the water....

And landing and into the Prelim water...

Galloping through and on to the next fence!

Archie and Dana having a blast, Schooling Woodside's Cross Country. Archie in his perfect form!

Can you say TEMPERAMENT? Archie at just 5 yrs old, schooling Prelim with 16 yr old Stef!!

Once again TEMPERAMENT anyone?? 5 yr old Archie showing with 16 yr old Stef at a recognized event!

Dana steals the keys to Archie back from Stef and goes to Woodside where they got 3rd in Open Novice!

Archie and Dana warming up for Dressage at Twin Rivers.

Worthy Opponent does it again! Archie and Dana win 2nd place at Archie's second training level event at Twin Rivers. 1st place team too!!!

Archie and Dana into the water drop at Twin Rivers

Archie, Dana and Sandy (Lisa on the phone) before Stadium.