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Horseback Riding, Horses for Sale, Horsemanship - Vineyard Eventing


Vineyard Eventing is proud to show off some of our students!

Our much missed Celine and Kia schooling Prelim!

Diego and Maggie jump the Prelim corner!

Mo and Stef jumping the 4'3" triple bar at our Christmas show!

Katie and Kia at the Jimmy Wofford Clinic!

Kelci and Xyla first time at 4 foot!

Katie and Finny doing 4' at the Christmas show!

Remy and Copper get 2nd at a recent show!

Stef and Archie doing 4' at the Christmas show!

Sandy and Cal at the Jimmy Wofford Clinic

Elli and Niko doing 4'3" at the Christmas show!

Dana and Kia (with Dana's Dad videoing!)

Sarah and Glory school the water

Kelcie and Her horse Xyla!

Stef and Mo up the bank

Jen and Archie showing!

Mary and Justice eventing!

Stef and Archie jumping 4'3" at the Christmas show!

Katie and Travita showing awesome form!

Our honerary and missed VE-ers Kylie and Catero. :-(

Maggie and Diego getting ready for Prelim!

Sandy Jr and Xyla getting ready to show!

Tuzuk and her loved and missed (sold) Berry

Elli and Niko doing 4' at the Christmas show!

Emily and Berry jumping the Up Log

Jenifer and Diego jumping 3'6" at the Christmas show!

Tuzuk and Berry in great form!

Jenifer and Diego having a blast together!

Sandy and Finny at Finny's first Combined Test

Remy and Asia Cross Country Schooling at Ram Tap

Sandy and Kia Getting ready for Training at Ram Tap

Dana, Ashley and Emily swimming on a camping trip!

The whole group is going in for a swim! What a blast!

We all survived our first swim!! Such a blast!

Ashley and Copper jump our picnic table while camping!

Rick and Wisper come in for a swim too!

Mary and Justice are eventers now!!!

Jr, Kia's new baby!!! (I'm a grand owner)

More of my adorable new foal!!(Yes I'm proud!!)

Jenifer and Diego at Jenifer's first CT!

Katie and Travita are looking fantastic!